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Who we are

We are MainDefense, an association of IT security experts in the Rhein-Main area, who have made it their business to increase the IT security of as many companies as possible.

With the increasing complexity of IT landscapes, which goes hand in hand with digitalization, the attack surface for cyber criminals is also growing unfortunately. While this insight has already found its way into some groups, most companies are not yet aware of the risks. In view of the fact that many of these companies are know-how carriers with world-leading specialist knowledge, this shortage is particularly worrying.

What we do

Our services provide effective protection against cyber threats at minimal costs.

Anti-Phishing Service - Continuous increase of IT security through User Awareness Trainings

All employees in the company receive professionally designed phishing emails at defined intervals (usually 4 weeks), which are adapted to the current phishing campaigns. If an employee clicks on a link in the mail, he is redirected to a training page that explains how the attack could have been detected. A dashboard gives you access to statistics on security development and information on current campaigns. Convince yourself with a

Spear Phishing Simulation

Some employees in organizations are particularly exposed and therefore have a high risk of becoming victims of targeted attacks. Examples of these employee groups are management, development, sales and HR. In the above examples, two factors increase the risk. On the one hand, contact data, contact networks and hierarchies of these groups of people are usually publicly accessible. On the other hand, they are worthwhile targets due to their strategic knowledge and budget responsibility. We help you to identify people with a high need for protection and to minimize risks of these employee groups.

Security Breach Scanning Service

Web service providers are regularly affected by hacks that steal e-mail addresses and passwords. This often also affects company e-mail addresses that are still in use. Our Security Breach Service checks daily whether e-mail addresses of your company are affected by such hacks and informs you before damage occurs.

Hands-on Social Engineering

While discussions about information security usually focus on technical aspects, the human factor is often neglected. It is becoming increasingly apparent that attacks against people are more promising and more effective. By using common attack techniques, we identify vulnerable groups and point out possible attack scenarios.

Cyber Security Consulting

Do you have specific questions on topics like the current risk situation, secure communication, secure file exchange or similar issues? Are you planning to set up new teams or introduce new processes while keeping an eye on security best practices? Together, we will work out your exact requirements and offer you individual solutions tailored to your needs.

USB Phishing Simulation

Maybe one or the other already knows the problem? A USB stick is on the parking lot or in front of the company building. But what to do? Many employees plug the USB stick into the company computer to check what data is stored there or to check who owns the USB stick.
Attackers also use this behavior to gain easy access to the internal company network without having to carry out an elaborate hacker attack. Through targeted simulations and the distribution of USB devices in front of your company site, we make your employees aware of this danger.

WIFI Phishing Attacks

Who wouldn't like to connect to a free WLAN in order to save the own data volume or to use the flexibility of the wireless network connection? It is precisely this possibility that attackers use to obtain valid company usernames and passwords by simple means. They use a WLAN name that resembles the company's actual WLAN name and require the user's user name and password to log in. Through this attack technique, the attackers gain access to confidential data using simple methods, without the users noticing the fraud. After completing the WLAN phishing simulation, we evaluate the findings for you in order to train your employees in a targeted manner.

Voice Phishing

Telephone phishing is becoming increasingly popular with attackers. The aim of the attacker is to gain trust through a polite appearance or to create stress through an aggressive manner in order to persuade users to take unusual actions. This can be opening an email, leaking sensitive information, or changing a bank account. We carry out such attacks in your company and then train your employees to reduce the attack vector.

Offline Phishing

Phishing can also be implemented without electronic data processing. The greater value attributed to letters, as opposed to e-mails, can also be used by attackers to deliberately deceive employees. Invoices and payment requests sent by post repeatedly lead to financial damage in companies, which must be prevented.


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